I was just driving across Howard Franklin to get home from school and heard that there was an accident and they suggested you find a different route. Of course I hear this when I’m already on the high way, can’t turn around and no other exits to use.

I’m tooling along, see the hump in the bridge, and figured, “Yay! They cleaned it all up again!”


Just over the hump, everyone is screeching their breaks and coming to a complete stop. There are two vehicles in the middle of the highway. The car in the middle of the highway has a girl wearing things that are obviously pulled from a much younger & smaller child’s closet, chatting on the phone, laughing and tossing her hair back. Seriously – I didn’t realize the middle of the highway with about 900 angry drivers behind you was a good place to catch up on your conversations. I never got that memo. The truck that she very obviously rear-ended was in the right lane and the guy was just kind of standing there. Like he wasn’t sure what to do next. And in front of me was a dark red pick up truck with a VERY animated driver with all of his actions focused on the two stopped vehicles right in front of him.

I start getting pissed because he hops out of his truck, blocking the 3rd lane of traffic and pissing off the rest of the drivers even more and I start to get a little scared. Since when does this kind of behavior, animation, and obvious high-society appearance of people ever turn out to be a walk on the beach? But I’m stuck and can’t help it. So might as well see if I can be somewhat amused before things get REALLY hairy right? So I turn down the radio, quit my bitchin’ and roll down the windows. Just a little.

Well, shame on me for not writing down this guy’s license plate and hunting him down to give him a medal. That’s right. A MEDAL. Or some cookies or something.

He hops out of his truck and is YELLING at the gal on the hood of her car to get off the phone and help push her car out-of-the-way of traffic.  She gives him the stink eye, hangs up her phone and says, “I don’t have to push it, it still drives just fine.” I swear I thought this guy’s head was going to explode when she said that . . . he dropped about a half-mil more expletives and told her to get her car over to the breakdown lane. Then he starts to work on the guy in the truck although he didn’t need to be nearly as pushy with him. That guy was just looking for someone to tell him what to do – like it was his first accident ever and he was scared beyond belief.

All this goes down in a matter of 30 seconds, he hops back in his truck and takes off. Seriously . . . it was REALLY that difficult for the folks involved in the accident to have enough common sense to get out of the road?? So to anyone that actually cares enough and is reading this – take note. If you and your vehicle is movable after any kind of fender-bender/accident, blah blah blah, get it off the damn road. Not only for your sake, but for the rest of the drivers, too. If you’re blocking traffic like these two winners were, how is help ever supposed to get to you if you need it? And how can you put THAT much more faith into all the other drivers paying attention to your accident enough to avoid you and not making things worse? And if you can’t do any of this – remember, driving is A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT. Feel free to sell your car and buy a bus pass. The rest of us will thank you.