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This post is really just a link to my HBD blog to let you know that I have a new post regarding the new Fundraising Program that I can now offer through Uppercase Living. I’m actually REALLY excited about it and it’s a HUGE opportunity for your team/event so I hope you’ll take a look at it!

And just in case you need a catalog, here’s a link for you to let me know that you need one (it’s free – all I ask is that you pay the shipping cost).


Uppercase Living officially launched the Photo Prints addition to the MyDesign Suite today. Can you imagine your favorite picture, stuck to your wall . . . in life-size? How about even bigger than life-size?!

With our new, simple-to-create UL Photo Prints, you can:

  • Showcase a child’s favorite sport or hobby
  • Celebrate a wedding, anniversary, birthday or graduation
  • Relive a vacation
  • Add your logo to your walls
  • and so much more!

Every Uppercase Living Photo Print is printed on high-quality vinyl and can be applied on almost any surface – then removed and used again and again!

Photo Prints are available in two different styles:

  • Contour Cut – where the main image in the photo is cut out and applied on its own. This option is great for pictures of people, animals, flowers, etc.
  • Full Photo – this is where the full photo that you upload is printed on vinyl and no cuts are made. This option would be great for landscape shots.

Either style is available in a variety of sizes from 2’x2′ all the way up to 8’x4′! When you purchase a contour-cut Photo Print in size 4’x4′ or larger, you can upgrade your order with a Value Pack for only $14.95. This value pack includes 2 8″ silhouettes (in black only), one 10″ color graphic, and one 18″ color graphic! You can share these extra graphics with grandparents, teachers, and friends and hang them on any surface – lockers, refrigerators, mirrors, binders, laptops and more!

Is your mind racing with ideas on where to use this yet? If you need a little inspiration, check out the flyer that’s posted on  my Uppercase Living site . . . it’s filled with all the same information but has quite a few GREAT photos that should get your mind racing. Still have more questions? Email me – I’d love to hear from you!

I mentioned in my last newsletter that I would be writing up some information on how you can earn stamps for your Uppercase Living Customer cards and I’m finally getting it posted. So read on and come and get your stamps!

  • Be a Hostess: Host your own Uppercase Living party and earn 2 stamps! This is in addition to earning FREE product, half-priced product, and double up rewards – what other incentive do you need to gather some friends for a good time?
  • Refer a Friend: Do you know someone that would love the Uppercase Living Product as much as you and I do? Share your catalog with them or send me their address and I’ll send them their own copy. When they make a purchase, you’ll earn 1 stamp.
  • Make a Purchase: The easiest ways to earn stamps are with the purchases you’re already making! You’ll earn 1 stamp for every $10 of product on your order. The best part about this? It’s retroactive to January of 2009. So for those of you that have made a purchase this year – you’ve already got stamps that you might not know about!
  • Monthly Incentive: In addition to the 3 ways I listed above for earning your stamps, within each newsletter will be a suprise earning potential. This won’t be posted anywhere else, so you’ll have to sign up for the newsletter to find out about it.

Now that you know all the ways that you can earn stamps, I’m sure you’re curious what you get for collecting them all, right? After you collect 12 (which is one full card) you have options! You can choose any of the following: Free Shipping, $15 in Free Product  (limited to my inventory at the time of redemption) or $10 off your next order.

Now what are you waiting for?? Start telling your friends, buying the items off your wishlist, and signing up for the newsletter if you’re not already on it (see link to the right of the page or email me).

Uppercase Living is always introducing something new and exciting. One of the reasons I love being a demonstrator is that I get to see the new stuff before anyone else. So of course, there was tons of excitement around the new catalog release a few weeks ago and UL really stepped up to the challenge.  I just had to share what my favorite new items is with you – I’m trying to find where I can hang this in my own house as we speak (so far, I need 3 of them!).

Have you ever walked around the house and wondered what time it was? Only to realize there’s not a clock near by or even a surface to put one on? Now there is – just look up! Offered in two different styles and in any color vinyl you choose, we now have fully functioning clocks!

So where will you put yours?

I love to be around people and I love to be a hostess (for short events) so I thought the best way to introduce the new Uppercase Living catalog would be to host a dinner party. I’ll be making some lasagna and some other goodies for the non-lasagna eaters, I’ll have drinks, and I hope to have some specialty treats courtesy of Chatfield Cakes. Interested in joining me? Check out the invite here – I’d love to hear from you!

In addition to all the great new products that Uppercase Living has introduced, there are new customer incentives, too! Here are some of the great items that I’m now able to offer you:

  • New Vinyl mini-packs known simply as “Incentive Sets.” These sheets are a great way to introduce yourself to the Uppercase Living product and are small enough to embellish items from your laptop to your car! These theme packs will feature fresh designs each quarter to reflect the season.
  • The Small Incentive Set is available in Fresh Linen, Green Tea and Soft Copper. These items are the perfect size for notebooks, cell phones, ipods, etc. 

    Small Incentive Sheet

  • The Large Incentive Set is available in Bright White, Robin’s Egg and Soft Silver. These items are the perfect size for laptops, mailboxes, lockers, mirrors, etc.

    Large Incentive Sheet

    Large Incentive Sheet

  •   Customer Appreciation Cards are pocket-size punch cards that you may know as “frequent buyer cards.” I’ll introduce the “official” program details soon but a few ways you’ll be able to earn stamps are with purchases of product, by hosting an Open House, and by attending Project Nights. I’m sure the next question you have is “what do I get once I’ve filled up my card?” and to be honest – I haven’t decided. What would you value most as a reward for being a dedicated customer? Leave your response via a comment to this post for a chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate!

Along with the new catalog, I hinted at some of the other new and exciting things that were on their way. Trying to catch up from being on vacation has kept me incredibly busy but I had to at least give you a little more information. So here are some more things that I’ll be introducing in the coming weeks. Remember, to get first notice of upcoming specials and mailings, make sure you join my mailing list.

 ·         Holiday Catalog

The new 2009 Idea Catalog: Holiday Edition, which will launch September 15, is a 20-page mini catalog designed for the upcoming holiday season. The catalog features a colorful layout, convenient gift kits, and brand new exclusive expressions that you won’t be able to resist. I don’t know about you but I’m excited for the project kits with the upcoming gift-giving season right around the corner. Who doesn’t love something unique and hand-made?

 ·         UL Photo Prints

Inside the Holiday Catalog, we are also introducing for the first time, Photo Prints—a new application that allows you to transform any high-quality photo into a larger-than-life, dynamic décor element. Photo Prints are printed on high-quality vinyl that can be easily placed on any surface—and best of all, they can be removed and reused to your heart’s content! There’s not a better, more unique way to turn traditional pictures and bare walls into eye-catching works of art. This product will be available on September 15, and will be a permanent part of our product offering.

 ·         Specialty Shimmer Vinyl

As part of our Holiday Catalog, we will also be offering specialty Shimmer Vinyl for a limited time. This vinyl has a glittery surface and is available for an upgrade fee in four great holiday-themed colors: Shimmer Gold, Shimmer Silver, Shimmer Cranberry, and Shimmer Evergreen.

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