This was probably one of my favorite shops so far. Someday, I’ll look back and try to find the store number to give the shop the credit it deserves, but for now, I don’t feel like it. I didn’t interact with the staff too much because I was too enamored with the rest of the shop. The store itself was set up so great with obvious area separation that left the shop feeling orderly and spacious. My only complaint is the same for all Starbucks shops: folks hover around the bar area instead of taking a seat and waiting patiently so it creates a cluster by the main entrance. But while I got stuck there for a few moments, I met two ladies that I ended up chatting with that were just so entertaining.

I LOVED the way the tables were all connected in 3 rows. It gives the impression of everyone having their own table but it also forces people to sit close enough to be somewhat social if they chose. After all, it is the Holidays. We should interact with our neighbors more . . . those that are around us. Besides . . . you never know who you’re going to meet! The lights above the center row were a great modern/contemporary design and gave just enough lighting to the row that didn’t get enough natural light. The cushioned seating area was AWESOME. I didn’t want to get up. The seat I was in was SO comfortable . . . I wanted to take it with me. And of course, the husband wanted to take the table with us. I swear he asked me to stick it in my purse.

Speaking of meeting strangers – the two gals I met are Mary Kay Reps. When I told the Husband, he said, “Of course they were, I could have guessed. They have the personality for it.” Which is a funny thought to me . . . because I think we all SHOULD have that kind of personality. The warm, welcoming and friendly demeanor is so great to come across. And one of the gals had the BEST hair do . . . short and silver with spikes of bright purple. LOVED it. She said it was pink last month (for Breast Cancer Awareness). How cool is that? I love funky!

I didn’t get a picture of the patio (because we were too busy rushing to get back into the warm truck) but it was a great space; lots of room with plenty of seating and a sprinkling of umbrellas for shade. But in this weather, I would gladly take all the sun warmth I could get!

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