Yet another upside (still using the sarcasm) to Bruxism (otherwise knows as grindin’ yo teeth), is that my teeth fit together like a puzzle. It’s actually pretty weird. Because I grind so hard, I’ve ground right through 3 night guards (the dentist made ones that are supposed to survive atomic bombs) so far, but I now have the most amazingly sharp teeth for grinding through meat with the gusto of . . . well . . . a meat eater?

So at our latest 5 Guys visit (it’s a more often occurance than it should be), while shredding through the most delicious burger ever, the bottom half of my face got in the way. I bit a hole through my lip. A serious hole. Another couple layers, and I probably could have put a ring in it.

So now I have this hole in my face, and I’m starting to tear up and my wonderful husband says, “are you going to cry about it?” He’s awesome and obviously compassionate about the little things.

So because it happened while eating, the hole in my inner face is in the perfect place to constantly rub against my razor sharp teeth and gets in the way of EVERYTHING. Facial expressions, eating, teeth brushing . . . it’s all painful.

So my advice of the day is that if you are a fellow night-time teeth grinder . . . stop it. Figure it out. It’s not healthy, it’s not good for your teeth, it causes massive headaches, and it’s annoying to anyone else sleeping in your house. And when you figure out how to get it to stop – let me know. Because I am SERIOUSLY over it.